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Why tacos?

Because tacos are delicious... and so Waterton has a fast casual dining option with a menu that not only tastes amazing,

but is healthy too!  Our fare and flavors reflect traditional Mexican street food with a personal twist. 

That's what makes us the best restaurant in Waterton!


We value quality over quantity.  That's why we use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and are busy making salsas and cooking our meats every day.  That's also why our selection can vary from day-to-day.  We would rather make it from scratch and sell out rather than buy pre-packaged products full of preservatives. 


Want guacamole?  We make guac using only real avocados and we sell out fast!  It's really luck of the draw if we have it when you visit us.  So keep your fingers crossed because this is award winning guacamole were talking about and it's sooooo good!


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